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Get a custom built, all-in-one toolkit that organises all that good life building work 
Are you sick of that heavy printed folder full of staff training, medical appointment notes, goals and plans, receipts and staff meeting minutes?

Worried that you don't have enough oversight of what support staff are getting done each day?

Need a way of prompting staff to remember daily routines?

Need a way of training your staff with video as well as text information?

Need a way to track goals?

Worried about "tech overwhelm"?

An incredibly flexible tool

That's the great thing about Podio, it's incredibly flexible - you can modify apps to meet your own needs and even build new ones with an easy to use drag and drop interface.

Podio has been a game changer for me, Isaac and his support team. 

I’ll tell you more about how it’s possible to get your hands on this in just a moment.

But before I do…

There are a few important things you need to know first.

Especially if you’re wondering if an online portal is really what your team needs right now. 


You are not going to be around forever.   Getting that vision for a good life for your family member out of your head and into a platform that is organised and accessible to those that need it is an important safeguard for your family member with a disability.  

If you don't have a vision for your family member's life, then someone else sure as heck will and you might not like it!


Giving that big folder to staff to read, is really unlikely to get them following your support practices.  
I spent months, trying to create a training manual that staff would be able to pick up and follow.

But I found that just reading the information wasn't cutting through and staff weren't following the good stuff that was in that manual.  Video, photos and sound were the key.  

A big fat folder isn't very helpful if it's sat on your desk and your family member is out and about with a support worker who can't remember how to support them if they become highly anxious. 

Then there is spilling coffee on it and pages getting ripped or lost.  Urgh.

Podio has allowed me to just film things and make quick and dirty training materials in minutes.

Since then I’ve been able to rinse and repeat this do-it-once-and-it’s-done approach…

I've been able to focus on supporting my son to move out of home and crank up his delivery business instead of getting stuck in the weeds of managing staff.

Having An Easy-To-Use Podio Portal That Grows With You Has A Direct Impact On Getting Stuff Done

But at the same time, figuring out the how can be so overwhelming

It can seem so difficult to know what you need…

Especially when you’re first starting out…

Not to mention how expensive it can be when you purchase a subscription to a tool and you can't figure out how to use it, you can't get your staff using it and it doesn't quite do things you way you want it to.

As good life builders, we should be spending our time focussing on building a good life for our family member, not bogged down in tech.


I'll do the most of the set up work, hand it back to you with the same set of great apps I've been using so you can apply it in your team FAST.

I’ve recorded training videos on how to set up your Podio account and once you've done that you'll be able to invite me to join your space where I will transfer over the apps I've built for you.   
I have some short and easy to follow training videos on how to use these apps too so you can hit the ground running
Sheree Henley, Mum to Isaac, a young man with a disability 
and Founder of The Good Life Builders

The Done for You Podio Project includes...

  • Training on how to set up your account so that you can own your Podio account and have complete control over it and get support to set it up in a cost effective way.
  • Training on how to set up back up so that you can avoid time consuming manual back ups and recovery any accidentally lost data.
  • Training on how to set up a workspace and invite members 
  • Done for you build of workspace apps that families typically require.
  • Training in how to use the workspace apps built for you so that you can start using them with your team. 
  • Training in how to change the done for you apps so that they can better meet your needs
  • Training in how to create new apps from scratch so that you can manage information and tasks specific to your needs
  • Training in how to access ongoing support for using Podio so that you can have any problems resolved
  • Training in effective strategies for getting your staff using Podio so they will be more likely to engage in using it and feel ownership
  • Training in how to to organise permissions and authorities in Podio so that you can maintain the integrity of the structure
  • Membership to inner circle Facebook group of likeminded families using Podio to share ideas and problem solve
  • Access to a shared Podio site where families can share new apps they have created
  • One on one mentoring with Sheree to overcome issues
  • ​Monthly Q&A Zoom sessions with other Podio users to share ideas and problem solve

Claim the cost of Podio from Your NDIS Plan

Claim from the following categories:
  • Core Supports - Assistance With Daily Life
  • ​​Core Supports - Assist with Social and Community Participation
  • ​​Capacity Building Supports - Increased Social and Community Participation

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A Done for You Podio Portal, training on how to use it and get your staff using it, mentoring and support to customise it further to your needs and the encouragement and ideas of fellow good life builders costs $1997.

Done for You Podio Portal FAQs

What apps does the Done for You Podio Project give me?

Vision Sharing - Capture your vision for the good life your family member wants and share it with the people who need to know it.

Goal management - record your annual goals, chunk them into quarterly goals and track tasks to achieve them.  Capture little wins with photographs and videos. Record any bright ideas for further exploration.

NDIS Plan Management - track spending, track claiming, keep receipts, just use your phone to photograph and upload them

Issue and Risk Management - record the things that could go wrong and how you will prevent or management them.  Track the resolution of issues.

Shift Reports - support staff to remember to follow daily routines and keep track of daily activities.

Policies, Procedures and Training - help staff to learn how to behave and provide support in the preferred way by creating bite sized training that includes photos and videos.

Team Meetings and To Dos - record meeting notes and track tasks

Create your own apps too - learn how to make your own apps and get support to design and build them 

What are the ongoing costs? 

Although there are no ongoing costs paid to us, you’ll need to pay:

Domain name subscription:  Approx $5 per month
Domain email subscription: Approx $5 per month
Podio subscription: From $9 per month
Optional Back up subscription: Approx $20 per month

Total ongoing running costs are: $39 per month

Will I learn how to update and edit the Portal once completed?

With the handover of your Done for You Podio Portal I'll be giving you some very useful training that will help you navigate and edit the portal yourself. 

Is there ongoing support?

Yes.  The Podio people have extensive support.  You will also have the support of other Good Life Builders using Podio on our Facebook group, access to our Podio Q&A webinars and 2 individual coaching sessions.

How long will I have access to the training?

There is no time limit on your access to my training portal - it's lifetime access.

What happens if The Good Life Builders stops trading?

You own your Podio account and workspace, not me.  So regardless of what happens to me, your account will still be there.

Is Podio secure?

Customer-uploaded data is hosted through Amazon Web Services in Dublin - a government standard hosting service.

HTTPS Encryption on all data between the Podio service and the client web browser so your data is protected. 

Podio servers are firewalled and only those services which are required to be running are listening. 

Connections between servers are made using encrypted secure tunnels to prevent data hacking.

Podio employees do not access customer uploaded data in Podio without prior customer consent from you.

No super-user account exists in the organization. All accounts are private to each individual user.
How long is it going to take to set up?

We give a 7 day turnaround time upon receiving the invite to join your workspace. During the process, we'll work back and forth with you, keeping you in the know about how it's progressing.

What happens if Podio doesn't suit me?

If you've done my training and you find that Podio doesn't suit you, you may seek a refund within 30 days of payment for your portal.

Can I get my data if I change my mind?

Yes.  You can export all your data to .csv files.
DISCLAIMER: Please understand my results are not typical, I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). I have the benefit of working with a circle of support for more than 12 years. The average person who buys any “how to” information gets little to no results. Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All recruitment activities entail risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT register for this training. 
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