Are you looking for more than group homes and day programs for your family member with a disability?

The Good Life Builders Annual Membership offers a one stop shop to help you build your support team and achieve your good life building goals in a truly person centred way
  • Build your own team of reliable, well trained supports that you love and stay the long term
  • ​Get support from experts to set yourself up as an an employer and comply with Fair Work Laws
  • ​Implement best practice strategies that work to help your family member with a disability to live in their own home, find work, form friendships and more
  • ​Get help to gather family and friends around your family member to oversee and safeguard the good life you have worked so hard to build

Mentoring to help you implement your learning

Our online learning courses are called "Projects" for a reason. They are not just about learning. They are also about doing, taking action, building. They come with one on one mentoring to help you “do the doing” and get real outcomes and a peer support group where you can share your successes and get the support and encouragement of fellow families doing the projects alongside you. 
The Annual Membership gives you access to all our projects......

Worried about your legal obligations?

  • ​Get your contracts and rosters checked for compliance with the SCHADS award
  • ​Learn about your responsibilities through our online training
  • Get mentoring from our HR experts to prevent or manage any problems
  • Get step by step guidance on how to get set up with the tax office to pay task
  • ​Learn how to choose appropriate pay rates and comply with the SCHADS award
  • ​Learn how to find and work with a book keeper to do your payroll quickly, easily and accurately

Don't know how to find supports?

  • Learn to identify people you need in your team
  • ​Learn how to identify the kinds of skills and personal qualities the ideal candidates need to help your family member achieve their goals
  • ​Get step by step guidance on how to craft a job advert and place it in locations where you are most likely to attract the right people
  • Learn how to identify the best people to interview and how to conduct interviews to find out if they really are who they say they are
  • Learn how to onboard new staff so they can get up and running quickly

Sick of that big fat training folder?

  • Learn how adults learn best and apply these principles to create training materials that work
  • ​Ditch that big fat folder of training notes and learn how to turn it into online training snippets with video, images and diagrams
  • ​Learn how to project manage the creation of training materials so you don't have to do it all yourself
  • Learn how to use online tools to host your training so that it can be accessed at any time from anywhere
  • Figure out what training staff need and when they need it so you don't overwhelm them.

Worried about the overload of work on you?

  • Learn how to get your team motivated to work together to achieve your vision for your family member with a disability's vision for their good life
  • ​Learn to set staff goals and give them feedback in a way that reduces conflict
  • Learn how to delegate to reduce the workload on you
  • Learn how to implement systems and processes that keep the team performing well without you needing to watch over them all the time

Need help planning and overseeing your family member's good life?

  • Learn how to set up and run a circle of support
  • ​Work out who you might know that you could ask to join your circle
  • ​Get help inviting people
  • ​Learn how to run your circle meetings to encourage maximum involvement
  • ​Learn how to keep the momentum going so that your circle achieves goals and doesn't fizzle out

Need help with strategies for building a good life?

  • Share our online learning with your team to help them understand the key principles for building a good life
  • ​Help them understand what inclusion looks like and why it's important
  • ​Help them to understand and implement person centred planning principles
  • ​Help your team to be able to craft valued roles for your family member in the community
  • ​Help them to understand the importance of assuming capacity

Are your supports struggling to help your family member to make friends?

  • Share our online training with your support team in how they can maximise the chances of forming friendships
  • ​Help support workers become aware of how their own actions can block or enhance the chances of friendships
  • ​Learn a framework that helps to craft environments that are more likely to lead to friendships
  • Learn how to apply the framework to problem solve what's working and what isn't and what could be tweaked

Feeling like you don't quite have what it takes?

  • You do of course, you just don't know it yet :)
  • ​Learn how your self talk and mindset can self sabotage your progress and how to overcome this
  • Recognise and deal with imposter syndrome so that you can be more confident in yourself
  • ​How to conquer the overwhelm so you can focus and find a way forward

Struggling to share information with your team?

  • Get all that information out of your head and onto an online platform so that it can be organised and shared with the people who need it
  • ​Learn to easily build and modify apps to do what you need them to do instead of having to put up with an inflexible system that doesn't meet your needs
  • ​ Control access to information so that only the people you deem need to see it can access it
  • ​Avoid the tech overwhelm by getting ongoing support to make the most of the tools and share ideas with other families

Membership includes support from Legal, HR and Payroll Specialists

  • Support to set up a legal structure under which you can employ your supports to reduce personal risk
  • HR support to set up your contracts and rosters to ensure you pay your staff correctly and comply with Fair Work legislation
  • Payroll support to outsource your payroll to professionals who understand the SCHADS award

A free Policy Handbook

  • Authored by our partners who are degree trained professionals
  • ​Designed in easy english so it is easy to understand
  • ​Support to keep it aligned with changes in legislation

Webinar Club

  • Access to all past and upcoming webinars on a range of Good Life Building topics so that you can learn from the experts and the families that have gone before you
  • Topics include finding a home of your own,  finding work, guardianship and alternatives, Fair Work compliance and more.

Support from fellow Good Life Builders

Feeling alone?

  • Get support and encouragement from fellow parents who are travelling the same journey in our intimate Inner Circle Facebook Group
  • ​Get encouragement and support from our team of mentors with one on one zoom mentoring sessions to help you overcome any issues or blocks and keep  you motivated.
  • ​Share ideas and ask questions with experts,  other families at in person and online webinars and events.

Free ticket to our annual retreat

  • A small and intimate get together with your peers to get stuff done together
  • ​Build some supportive networks
  • ​Have a little you time

Here's what current members are saying....

The Good Life Builders Annual Membership is valued at $6997

Pay with your NDIS funding from any of the following budgets...

  • ​Core Supports- Assistance with Daily Life
  • ​Core Supports- Assist with Social and Community Participation
  • ​Capacity Building Supports - Increased Social and Community Participation
  • ​Capacity Building - Training for parents/carers
Let's talk to see if the Annual Membership is the right fit for you....
DISCLAIMER: Please understand my results are not typical, I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). I have the benefit of directly employing and leading teams in my work life for more than 6 years and have working with a circle of support for more than 12 years. The average person who buys any “how to” information gets little to no results. Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All recruitment activities entail risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT register for this training. 
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